Large & Small Businesses

Larry is a 35 year international executive in technology, marketing analytics, process design, retail operations, and logistics.
Some of Larry's experience includes;
  • Vice President of IT for United Health Care
  • Director of Service at BestBuy
  • Regional manager for Stanley Tools
  • And.... funding and owning three growing small business.
Nancy is 30 year veteran of
  • Marketing Director for small business web stores
  • Manager for multiple small business retail operations
  • Manager for sales and sales training
  • Photographer and graphic artist
  • And... funding and owening three growing small business
We understand what it takes to open and grow a business, through the good economies, and the bad.
We have the experience to understand your needs, the knowledge how to market, improve processes and technology savvy to realize your vision.

Small business is about results...

Results that provide you personal income...
We get it... So we dont get paid unless you get results !